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     The Tony Award--Winning Play
the Belle of amherst  
by William Luce, is available to come to your school, church, club or poetry society.

Contact YOUR OWN SKY Productions:323-356-5051 or click on “contact us.”

THE BELLE OF AMHERST is available in its entirety (the full 2- hour, Two Act Play) suitable for any university stage or state of the art venue, or in its abbreviated version, suitable for small venues, assemblies or even classrooms.  

Miss Emily will come right into the classroom and adapt the presentation to your space!  THE BELLE can be performed in its shortened form as a 45 minute scripted presentation followed immediately by a Q & A with the actor.

We will transform your multipurpose room or small black box theatre into Emily’s parlor for a larger audience of one, two , or three hundred guests.

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